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*All Programs will continue in August 2021 under the CDC Guidelines.

The Art Program

 Focuses on the overall enhancement and exposure of American art history. The program supports museum visits and artexpression workshops through various mediums; painting, sculpture, drawings, decorative arts, and photography. 

The Education Program

Fosters Literacy Education. The Essence K. Coprich Library and Media Center located at 116th Street,  School in Los Angeles was named to honor the loss of founder Jeffrey Coprich’s sister.

Since the dedication, the library serves to promote literacy education. Furthermore, Unsung Heroes Leadership Foundation Library Adoption Project is designed to work actively to furnish 10 inner city schools with up-to-date library books, computers, literacy programs, and other resources available for the improvement of Education.

Music And Entertainment Program

Flourishes through the L.A. Inner City Mass Choir. The L.A. Inner City Mass Choir has been sharing the message of hope, courage and triumph through music to audiences all across Southern California.

The choir has been privileged to awe celebrities including Grammy Recording Artist Celine Dion and Gospel Recording Artist Yolanda Adams. They have also recorded with Grammy Award Winners R&B Singer Patti La Belle “The Gospel According to Patti La Belle” and with Stevie Wonder “A Time to Love.”


The Self Esteem/Character Building program

The program was created to address the critical nationwide problem of low self-esteem among adolescent and pre-adolescent youth. The program is designed to focus on these topics: handling peer pressure, healthy eating habits, hygiene, general wellness, exercise, and identifying core values and personal interests.


The Community Service

Program participants work actively within the community by assisting the elderly, assisting families who have lost loved ones to senseless gang violence, feeding the homeless, annual Christmas toy-drive for needy families, singing at Convalescent homes during the holidays, and more.

The Mentoring program

Designed to recruit mentors for the Unsung Heroes Leadership Youth members. The mentor/mentee relationship will be Structured and built on a trust relationship that brings young people together with caring mentors who offer guidance, support, and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of the mentee.

A mentor is an adult who, along with parents, provides a young person with support, counsel, friendship, reinforcement, and constructive example.